I was born a normal child in Gunshi, Bhauduri-1 in Ramechhap district of Nepal. An average student, I enjoyed sports, particularly, volleyball and soccer while at school. Apart from sports, I felt excited by scientific experiments. Like any child I was full of dreams, hopes, aspirations and passion. The first few of my dreams were to become a pilot or a political leader.

A tragic accident, however, turned my whole life upside down.In June 1994, I arrived in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, on vacation. One day, I was flying a kite from a rooftop.
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He became famous when he held a driving demonstration at the Birendra International Convention Centre (BICC) of Kathmandu in 2004. Similar displays followed in Butwal and Pokhara. One may ask: what is so special about a driving demo? Well, this one was pretty unusual because the driver was not steering the car with his hands. On the contrary, he used his feet! This then is the story of Sudarshan Gautam.
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Sudharshan wants to show he doesn’t really need hands and has rejected offers to try out artificial limbs. Sudharshan always had an activist streak, and he wants to dedicate his life to improve living standards in his village of Gunsie in Ramechhap.

Gautam got a severe electrical shock when he was 14 years of age and both his arms had to be amputated. He has been using his legs ever since. Learning to write and doing other things all over again, and differently, he put the accident behind him and went on with his life.

Sudarshan Gautam became the first disabled person to conquer Yala peak thereby recreating history for the disabled individuals the world over. If all goes well, his achievement will more than likely, be recorded in the Guinness book.